fredag 27 december 2013

AA Lady Amethyst and Zadkiel, transmitted by Rosita Bolin

My Beloved Friends!
Now that I and my beloved twin flame Zadkiel , stepping forward for more information about
what 's going to happen,I also want to thank you for your patience and how you open your HEART
for gold frequencies that you are now assigned .That we now give you the gold frequencies means that you will now begin to prepare for the fifth dimension because the fifth dimension is GOLD Congratulations !!! Tranquility ... and insights that surrounds you , along with all the memories that are in any obvious way , just there ...feels great liberating.Your mission begins to take shape and the positions are formatted in this now , whether you realize it or not. Some of you are discovering the power of the power of thought and taking it more seriously now , because you realize that you do with it can save lives. Your groups are growing as planned.The most important task you have all now is to focus and maintain balance in your hearts , which is deeply appreciated , as you are now doing it extremely wellI . Me, Lady Amethyst and my beloved twin flame Zadkiel ,assist you constantly while we are incredibly Thankful for your intensive help. Nowadays you help us , as we will help you .My Beloved ... Namaste Rosita Bolin / Lady Amethyst© 2013

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