måndag 30 december 2013

Sunday Musings ~ My Sacred Love ღﻬஐﻬღ I Marry You

sacred love of twin flames
I Marry You
I marry you, My Love
I join my heart to Yours forever
For a billion years is just one moment
Every second is Ecstasy’s kiss
Quiet reflection, Deep Bliss
I adore the contours of Your body
Beautiful and sweet
Your hills, mountains, and valleys
I sail upon your oceans and rivers
I soar up like a bird into Your sky
I love Your diamond stars, Galaxies
Sparkling in Your Crown
I saw You standing beside the Ganges
Silently meditating
Your Eyes seeing only Love
And I, wanting nothing else
But to sit quietly behind them
To merge my sight with Yours
To be bathed in the Nectar of Your Soul
To be washed in the pure River
Of your magnificent Heart
The world fills with Joy
Because You are here
I marry you, My Love
I join my heart to Yours forever
Queen of my Soul.
~ by Keith Overstreet
This Song of the Heart written by poet Keith Overstreet, describes perfectly the Sacred Love that exists between Divine Complements or Twin Flames. I felt compelled to share this with you. This love is nothing like the romantic or conditional love that exists here on earth. It is a love so complete and so Divine it is Sacred. This is the love is expressed between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine essences that make up the energy of the magnificent Being that you are.
When you merge your essence with that of your Divine Counterpart, you are joined in a Sacred Marriage of the Heart. This is the Perfect Divine Union. This is the Orgasmic Bliss, which cannot be comprehended with the human mind.
This Sacred Love is what awaits you upon your return to your multi-dimensional form. You will once more be reunited with your Divine Self, the part of you that completes You. This is the Divine Plan.

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